My projects

Pitch-documents available on request.
With some projects, screenplay excerpts are available  to read online📄

What’s in a box  – 📄 1-13/22p
Dark Light  –  📄 1-19p  – Project by Joachim Huveneers, written at his request, based on his short screenplay
Als een leeuwinnenkooi
Seizoen 2
Teen of Tander
Vis noch Vlees
Tin Cans

Sunny Side Up

Tin Cans  –  📄 1-30p / 120p

Feedback or just an hello, welcome!
Collaboration on a project? Ask away!
Interested or more info about a project? Screenplays, pitch-documents: Available on demand.

Looking for feedback on your screenplay? Feel free to ask.
After doing some research you will see that my filmography is not that extensive yet but this does not take away from the fact that I:
.. already wrote some scripts, and am writing.
.. read a lot of screenplays (feature films, TV,..)
.. have given extensive feedback on scripts which was well received.
.. went through film school
.. made a short film that was selected to about 20 festivals and received a few awards🏆 .
.. took an extra evening course in screenwriting
.. since 2014 am immersed in screenwriting (books, podcasts, … but most importantly writing and reading screenplays)

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